SafeMaily will allow you to create a temporary, disposable email address that will self-destruct in 60 minutes.
Your mission, if you decide to accept it, will be to use this temporary address in all those services that flood your inbox with unwanted messages (spam).
After 60 minutes from the reception of each mail, the message will be removed from our system irreversibly.
This service is also known as disposable email, temp mail, 10 minute email and yopmail, etc. You can use it to register in forums, internet portals, news sites, e-commerce sites, etc., without compromising your usual mail. We help keep your real mail tray clean and thus combat spam .
SafeMaily provides you with free, anonymous and disposable email addresses. If you have a problem with SPAM, and you find us, maybe you can use us ...

How SafeMaily works

SafeMaily's operation is very simple. By clicking on the Inbox button, a new random email address will be generated. If you want to customize this email address, you can do so simply by editing it in the text box. A check will be made every 10 seconds and the new emails received will appear in the inbox.

If an email address has received messages, they will be stored in your browser and can be retrieved later. To retrieve an already used address, simply click on the configuration button and select the desired address from the list of stored addresses. Thanks to this you won't have to remember your email address, you will always have it available in your browser.

Each received message will be automatically deleted after 60 minutes.