Email for 10 minutes and more. 10minutemail Alternative

Temporary email with one hour duration SafeMaily offers you a temporary email service valid for one hour. You can use our service as a 10 minute email if you wish. Once this period of time has elapsed, the emails received will be irreversibly deleted.

10minutemail great alternative which is only valid for 10 minutes. It is true that in 10 minutes many emails can be received, but if you need more time, you will also have it.

Our service allows the recovery of the email addresses that you have used (configuration tab) and this way you can turn a 10 or 60 minute email into your usual email, and receive communications or make a registration on a website.

Safemaily allows you to register on social networks such as twitter or facebook without having to provide your email address and avoiding so the avalanche of notifications. It is advisable to use a temporary email address for registration in online services that do not we will use frequently.

In our day to day we register in tens, hundreds of Internet sites that we then do not use again. If you're not sure if you are going to make a regular use, it is best to register using a temporary email address. Safemaily stands out from the rest of providers for its security and seamless integration for mobile, thus being a great alternative to other services more massified and banned.

We are committed to offering new terminations for your email on a regular basis. If any of our domains is blocked, you will have of other terminations to make your registration.

SafeMaily is constantly evolving and we accept suggestions. If you need any feature available in the temporary email service that we have mentioned, you can request it and we will do our best to incorporate it!