Cautions required when dealing with email

Cautions required when dealing with email Email is an excellent communication tool: basic, simple and essential that helps us toprovide certain information you want to broadcast in a matter of seconds. We often dealwith sensitive issues through this channel, hence the importance of maintaining and appropriate precaution in the use of email.

The importance of email security

Nowadays this means of communication is essential in any business system, it is a toolof corporate communication. It is important to define a policy for the correct, safe andresponsible use of it.

It is not uncommon for the company to remind employees of some advice on its properuse and ensure compliance with these. Ensuring that employees can send and receive totally confidential emails, avoiding possible attacks through this medium.

Security policies for emails should also be based on offering protection in corporate mailboxes against spam or so-called phishing emails that attempt to steal sensitive information through a false identity.

Advantages of security

Undoubtedly, the mail improves the efficiency of the company, through the response capacity that it can offer. Aspects such as accessibility, availability and speed makes itpossible to execute different shipments to several recipients.

This allows to streamline the daily activities required by any work office and will only bepossible if a series of recommendations that preserve the security of the company's communications are maintained.

However this means to share information may suffer a cyber attack and give the opportunity to anyone to have information of a company with which it has nothing to do.


One of the fundamental recommendations is to identify the sender, if it is unknown andfor the first time send a document, it will be better not to open it. You must verify thelinks, you must review it before opening it.

The companies within their policies should have the use of antimalware packages and antispam filters, fundamental when solving any problem. Having security passwords, aswell as a double factor of authentication is also fundamental.

Using email encryption, not responding to spam and using the hidden copy are someindications to prevent a possible mail attack.

Temporary emails can increase the security of email use, as our current address will not be exposed and stored in a multitude of databases (of dubious security).