Howto prevent massive password theft using temporary emails

Prevent massive password theft One of the most common cibercrimes found daily is password theft. The services affected by these attacks range from bank accounts to profiles on social networks.

How to detect the theft of a password?

This is usually simple, we will pay attention to unmistakable signs such as that the password of the service has been changed without our consent, or we observe strange emails in our inbox. If we receive emails confirming registration in unsolicited online services, it is possible that our email account is compromised.

If the attacker does not change the password so as not to be discovered, and also clears the entire email trail of our inbox, it becomes a little more difficult to diagnose a compromised email account.

It should be mentioned that a large proportion of people use the same credentials to access all internet services. We talk about using the same password in a forum of doubtful security and services like paypal or others.

Reset our password after being compromised

After verifying the security breach , we must recover our access to the email account. It is highly recommended to carry out a complete disinfection of the work equipment: antivirus and other malware detection.

Almost all email providers have services for the recovery of lost passwords (sms, phone call, security questions, etc.). Once our access is restored we must change the security questions (if any) and implement an additional layer of two factors if available.

Key recommendations

It is critical to have different passwords for different online services . Never use the same password twice. Applications such as keepass can help us with the management of strong passwords (they allow us to generate very strong passwords and store them all under a single password).

If there is a suspicion that this action is personally directed at the account owner, it is recommended that the police be reported. It is true that the chances of locating the culprit of compromising a system is very difficult, but we must still report.